Learning Delays in Kids that Can’t Cross the Midline

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Primitive reflexes, such as the Asymmetrical Tonic Reflex (ATNR), are essential for infants to develop hand-eye-coordination and are only present until six months of age, when they must be replaced by more complex functions to prevent learning problems.

Can’t Cross the Midline 1. Appears Ambidextrous Children with retained ATNR use both hands due to lack of a dominant hand, leading to issues with fine motor skills and dexterity.

Can’t Cross the Midline 2. Poor Handwriting Lack of dominant hand leads to poor handwriting skills, inability to cross the midline, and difficulty drawing diagonal or horizontal lines.

Can’t Cross the Midline 3. Reading Visual tracking helps children follow the same line across the page, allowing two sides of the brain to communicate.

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