LOW MUSCLE TONE:  Is Low Muscle Tone Interfering With Your Child’s Learning?

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Low Muscle Tone and Learning Low muscle tone in the core can lead to posture and attentiveness issues, while similar problems in the hands result in poor handwriting and dexterity. If facial muscles are affected, pronouncing words becomes more laborious. Low muscle tone can affect various muscle groups, leading to a range of potential symptoms.

W Sitting Most kids gathered around for story time sit with their legs cross-crossed or Indian style. A lot of kids with low muscle tone sit with their legs in a W shape.

Tires Quickly Muscles with low tone take a lot more energy to get moving, so it makes sense that these kiddos are going to get worn out faster than their friends. This isn’t to say that they’re always slow or lethargic.

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