Moro Reflex: The Answer Behind Your Child’s Hypersensitivity to Light and Sound

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

The Moro reflex is a baby's internal alarm system to protect against danger. It is activated when startled by noise, movement, or falling sensations. As the reflex diminishes, adults develop the normal startle response, allowing for postural control without losing infant control.

The Moro reflex, present after six months, can cause an uncontrolled overreaction, overriding newly acquired decision-making skills. This creates a physical environment where certain senses are heightened, making it difficult for a child to cope with everyday normalities.

Visual Signs – Light sensitivity – Poor eye movement control – Difficulty ignoring irrelevant visual stimuli – Struggles reading black print on white paper – Bothered by fluorescent light

Auditory – Sound sensitivity – Difficulty ignoring background noise – Poor auditory discrimination which is necessary for reading

Touch – Dislikes clothing tags – Hypersensitive to textures – Issues when combing hair

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