Motor Planning: Poor Motor Planning Leads to Lack of Confidence in the Classroom

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

What is Motor Planning? Motor planning is your brain and muscles working together to plan for movement. Motor planning helps us with every task that we do. It is required for the development of both fine and gross motor skills.

Poor Motor Planning Poor motor planning means a breakdown in communication between a child's body and brain, hindering task completion. This issue affects classroom learning, like posture problems preventing proper viewing of the chalkboard or taking notes. It can lead to fidgeting, lack of focus, and reduced attention.

Dyspraxia and Learning Dyspraxia affects a child's ability to perform basic tasks and impacts learning at school. Tasks like putting on gloves and using utensils can be challenging. Handwriting struggles are an early indicator, while organization skills suffer due to difficulties with folders and backpacks.

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