Physical literacy checklist: 2-4 years

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

1. Running By age two, most toddlers will have started running (some will have started as early as 20 months). They are still a bit unsteady on their feet and they often fall down, but they are keen to be fast and mobile.

2. Throwing Toddlers will naturally start to throw underhand before their second birthday, and some will even start to throw overhand. Their arms and legs will tend to be straight, and they won’t rotate their upper body very much, but they will improve steadily towards their fourth birthday. And the more they practice throwing, the better they’ll get.

3. Catching With a little coaching, you can teach your toddler to catch soft foam or fabric balls. Catching is a natural companion activity to throwing, and catching activities help her to develop the ability to track the flight of an object in the air.

4. Kicking Around her second birthday, your toddler will start to kick a ball on the ground. She won’t have great form as she steps into the kick, but that’s okay. At this age, you simply want to encourage her to explore the movement of kicking.

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