Physical literacy checklist: 6-9 years

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

1. Striking sports Striking is the action of hitting an object, like a ball, using your hand or a tool like a racquet, bat, or stick. It's a crucial skill in various sports such as baseball, hockey, volleyball, tennis, and badminton. You can introduce your child to striking activities at home with basic equipment like a plastic ball and bat, which can help identify their interests before considering introductory sports programs.

2. Dribbling sports Dribbling skills are key to sports such as basketball, soccer, and hockey. In each instance, dribbling refers to the ability to manipulate and redirect the movement of the ball or puck with small, controlled touches of the hand, foot, or stick. Dribbling is really about fine motor skills, and these skills only develop through practice and repetition.

3. Gymnastics For pre-adolescent children, gymnastics remains one of the best activities for overall development of agility, balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility. It incorporates a wide variety of movement skills to make it perfect for “one-stop shopping” in physical literacy.

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