Stay Away from Containers

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Babies are often placed in a swing, stroller, bumbo, nursing cushion or jumper to keep them happy. However, this can lead to developmental delays in movement and behavior. Container Baby Syndrome (CBS) is the direct result of an infant spending too much time in confined or contained spaces for long periods of time. This can prevent the baby from moving their bodies, which assists them in early development, and can lead to physical complications like motor delays and skeletal restructure.

Types of containers may include the following: – Car Seats – Strollers – Bumbo Seats – Swings – Bounce Seats – Nursing Cushions – Jumpers – Tray Walkers

Guidelines have changed from having babies sleep on their stomachs to sleeping on their backs, which can lead to developmental delays in crawling, rolling, sitting, running and speech and language.

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