Surprising Tool to Rewire the Brain for better Emotional Grounding

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Children who struggle to connect the right and left hemispheres of their brain may face emotional and academic challenges that hinder their readiness for the classroom. This lack of brain integration can lead to difficulties in focusing, behavior, emotional regulation, and attentiveness in school, potentially causing tantrums or meltdowns beyond the age of five.

To enhance a child's intellectual, social, and emotional development and prepare them for school, focus on reinforcing left-brain connections through handwriting exercises and tracing activities. While many schools are moving towards electronic devices, handwriting exercises are crucial for self-regulation, emotional stability, impulse control, and cognitive development.

When looking for handwriting exercises that target building neural connections to rewire the brain, find a handbook with the following: – Use exercises that encourage repetition on the page – Find activities that provide curves, lines, sharp angles and even swirls – Don’t choose an option based on the child’s age, rather their level of handwriting (a teenager may still be at a beginner level)

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