The Answer Behind W-Sitting and How to Fix it

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Children play with toys and costumes, teaching us lessons about worldviews, imagination, and innocence. Parents and caregivers can recognize simple movements in children that may indicate future issues with orthopedic conditions and gross muscle delays.

What is “W-Sitting” W-sitting is a common position for children with poor trunk stability or strength, and can be caused by a retained primitive reflex called the Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (STNR).

STNR and How It Relates to W-Sitting There are multiple effects of the retained STNR that can impact your child’s learning. If your child still has the STNR after they are more than a year old, you may see the following signs: – W-Sitting – Slouching posture – Poor hand-eye coordination (difficulty playing catch) – Clumsy while eating

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