The Answer Behind Your Child’s Hypersensitivity to Light and Sound

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Why Your Child’s Hypersensitivity to Light and Sound This hypersensitivity to a child’s environment can cause anxiety in the child and extreme difficulty when your child tries to ignore irrelevant stimuli like the hum of a car, nightlight in their bedroom, a clock ticking or the brightness of a TV. These are all normal every-day things our bodies automatically ignore or drown out, where it may constantly bother your child because of their heightened sensitivity.

Signs and Symptoms Visual Signs – Light sensitivity – Poor eye movement control – Difficulty ignoring irrelevant visual stimuli – Struggles reading black print on white paper – Bothered by fluorescent light

Signs and Symptoms Auditory – Sound sensitivity – Difficulty ignoring background noise – Poor auditory discrimination which is necessary for reading

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