Trouble with Scissor Skills Shows Signs of these three Learning Delays

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Basic Shapes for Beginners The Basic Shapes for Beginners packet helps beginners (ages 2 to 5) with pre-writing lines, shapes, hand strength, dexterity, manipulation and basic letter formation. There are five activities in each week, along with one bonus activity. There are also three bonus activities at the end if your child is ahead. This packet will give your child exposure to many different types of sensory input that they haven’t been exposed to previously.

Scissor Practice Packet The Scissor Practice packet targets children from preschool to first grade who are struggling with scissor skills. Children often don’t get as much scissor practice because parents and teachers are more hesitant to give a child scissors than say, a pencil. This packet provides an opportunity for students to practice using scissors in a safe environment.

On the Farm Pre-Writing Packet The On the Farm Pre-Writing packet is a great start for children working on their handwriting, as it is filled with activities for pre-writing and working to master those lines that eventually become letters and numbers.

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