Tummy Time: Brain-Building Exercises for the Baby that Hates Tummy Time

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Tummy time is essential for every child's learning development and all parents should encourage it. The trick is to incorporate the right types of exercises that engage the baby without tears and build the connection between parents and their baby. Parents can begin tummy time right after the baby is born.

Too much back time can lead to flat head syndrome or positional plagiocephaly, which can lead to developmental delays, sensory issues, speech and language trouble, and attention and focus issues in the classroom. Babies should be encouraged to sleep on their backs to prevent SIDS.

Tummy time is the first step to building the baby's muscle tone in the arms, legs, neck, head and torso needed for crawling, walking and eventual reading and writing in the classroom. It helps build the muscles in the neck to eventually lift their head, which is one of the biggest problems in the classroom. It also allows the baby to move from side-to-side, which helps with balance, coordination, visual tracking and postural control. Restrictions in these areas could potentially cause sensory issues, emotional delays and attention and focus issues later in life.

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