Vestibular System: Your Child’s Internal GPS System for Motor Planning and Attention

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

GPS has saved me hours of lost time and prevented me from driving to uncertain destinations, and its precise guidance helps even the most inexperienced driver get to their destination. Pay attention to the voice of your guide as it guides you through traffic, side streets, and other obstacles.

Why is our Vestibular GPS Important? The vestibular system is the guide that sends messages to the brain, which sends signals to all the different roads in the body. If the internal guidance system is not working, children must work harder than other students to control their movements and body in order to focus, retain information, problem solve, stay organized, write their letters correctly and track words on the page.

Signs of an Underdeveloped Vestibular System – Dizziness or nausea – Spinning sensation or vertigo – Heavily weighted or pulled in one direction – Balance and coordination issues – Stumbles into furniture, has trouble walking straight, struggles with sports – Appears clumsy

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