Why My Child Can’t Grasp Letter and Number Reversals

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Parents often fear that their child is dyslexic or has severe learning disabilities, but this is not always the case. Most children will reverse letters or words at some point, and the distinction between the frequency, age, and extent of the reversal is important.

Parents should understand the mental age of their child when it comes to letter and word reversals, as it may be different than physical age.

Types Of Reversals: Static Reversals

Static reversals occur when a child is confused on the proper orientation of a letter or the order of letters in a word. Lane calls this the "3D-2D confusion" because children are raised in a 3D world and objects do not change identification when they face a different direction.

Types Of Reversals: Kinetic Reversals

Kinetic reversals occur when a child is forming the pencil strokes on paper, showing a tendency to confuse words that are mirror images of each other such as saw and was; ton and not. This is a movement issue with the hand motions of the child.

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