Fear Paralysis Reflex: Why my Child Experiences “Deer in the Headlights,” Fear, Anxiety, Night Terrors and Phobias

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

One in six kids have sensory processing issues, which can lead to hypersensitivities to sounds, touch, light, temperature, taste, smell and balance.

The Fear Paralysis Reflex (FPR) and Moro Reflex (MOR) are two of the first reflexes to develop in the fetus before birth. The FPR appears first, but then starts to integrate or lay dormant as it develops into the Moro reflex. These reflexes have a unique relationship.

The Fear Paralysis Reflex is intended to develop in the fetus, integrate into the Moro reflex, and disappear before birth. If not integrated before birth, the child's system may be locked in a state of fear, leading to chronic phobias, anxiety, and panic attacks later in life.

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