Why “One Size Fits All” Doesn’t Work

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Recent research has shown that children learn in unique ways and that our current "one-size-fits-all" educational system sometimes caters to a handful of students. Educators and schools should strive to help children succeed and show their potential through other means of learning. The more learning styles students are exposed to, the better. Opening the doors to other learning styles improves critical thinking, allows kids to make their own choices, expands their views on how to solve problems, and provides them with opportunities to develop new ideas from different perspectives.

Visual learners use pictures, colors and images to learn and understand spatial reasoning. Characteristics of a Visual Learner include the following: – Usually sits at the front of the classroom if there is a choice – Information makes more sense if explained with a chart or graph – Makes outlines for everything

The auditory learner enjoys music and can hear distinct notes, and the right temporal lobe is particularly important for music. Characteristics of an auditory learner include the following: – Prefers lectures over reading the material – Frequently reads out loud to themselves – Likes oral reports – Participates in discussions

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