Why Your Child Is Avoiding, and how to help!

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Proprioceptive Dysfunction Causes Sensory Seeking and Sensory Avoiding Behavior Sensory Integration refers to the process of receiving and responding to incoming information. Our bodies have a proprioceptive sense that helps us become aware of where we are in relation to our surroundings. Without adequate proprioception, you would have a hard time getting in or out of an automobile or walking down stairs.

Proprioceptive Sensory Seeking Behaviors – Often plays too rough, sometimes hurting self or others – Prefers to wear tight clothes – Under registering of touch or pain – Seeks extremes in play (i.e., climbing too high) – Enjoys loud noises – Touches everyone and everything often with extreme pressure

Proprioceptive Sensory Avoiding Behaviors – Cautious in play with others, may seek corner and avoid contact – Dislikes tight clothes – Extremely sensitive to touch, sometimes responds by withdrawing – Avoids vestibular/proprioceptive input such as swinging and climbing

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