Why Your Child Won't Wear Itchy Clothes

By: Integrated Learning Strategies

Sensory Clothes: Clothing Items for Fidgeting and Behavior Children with sensory disorders struggle with textures of clothing, tags, seams, zippers or buttons. These items provide tactile-friendly features to enhance the sensory input they receive. Many of the items below have pockets for weighted items, fidgets attached or materials allowing them to chew on their clothes.

Sensory Clothes for the Holidays Sensory Pants with Fidgets These pants are great for children who dislike certain textures of clothing, zippers, snaps or seams against their skin. What I love about these pants is that they have pockets with fidgets as well pockets for weighted items that will help them focus and concentrate.

Sensory Clothes for the Holidays Seamless Socks These socks have no seams and grips at the top so you can easily put them on your child's feet. The material is soft and comfortable so it doesn't bother their skin. There are several choices for both boys and girls to choose from, including styles for both sexes.

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